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Thursday, November 23rd, 2017

As always the inauguration was very special. The Mayor, Education Minister, Manuel Tabora from CPI and Consuelo (the lady who the school is named after) came with us in a three truck convoy. We were greeted by the community, all the kids, and a beautifully decorated school.

The flag entered, the national anthem was sung, speeches made and ribbon cutting done.

And then there was cake.


Tuesday, November 14th, 2017

Over the rivers and up the hills…. to Santa Rita school we went. It was Inauguration Day but it has been unusually rainy here in Copan and the rivers cover the road crossings and the red clay roads are rutted and slick as ice.

Seriously…. this was the easiest of the three rivers to cross. The trip that would normally take about an hour took two…….. several standstills and needing to be pushed out of ruts by the local men meant that we actually got to the inauguration.


Wednesday, April 5th, 2017

BINGO was the game. Prizes and cake were enjoyed! Brayan translated for me and called the game. Karen, Scott and Telma monitored the accuracy of the kids numbers. We used Cheerios for markers. I guess it was no surprise that the markers kept disappearing.

With our last school visit done, we wish the class, Armando (their teacher) and the parents farewell till next time.

Oh yes…..for those who made grand efforts to get the backpacks down from Canada last October (Barry, Donna, Karen, Phyllis and Sonya). It was well worthwhile and the kids are thrilled with having real backpacks.


Wednesday, April 5th, 2017

We went to visit Santa Anita and the leaders and the community formally presented a budget
and proposal…….asking for our help to build a new school. We are in the process of reviewing the numbers and I have been firm in the municipality supplying some of the materials (specifically sand, backfill, and the cost of the foreman) before I consider the materials budget. The community is prepared to provide the labor for construction

Part of the school is wood and part Adobe…….the Adobe they used a short time ago to patch the building is turning to dust.


Monday, March 27th, 2017

Across the flatland past a huge Tilapia farm. Then into the hills and the roads got worse……… hmmmmm I think it was a road even though it looked more like a cow path. Good thing we had 4 wheel drive. Our first clue of what was to come was when OSCAR got out to change to 4 wheel drive.

We arrived to an excited classroom of students sheltered by their new roof. Each student had brought a flower from their home to present to Karen and I.

And then we were treated with the most special of lunch’s ….chicken soup with vegetables and rice and of course, tortillas and Coke.

Karen and I with OSCAR, the Education director for the area.

Telma….. my friend and fund administrator here in Copan was able to join us.