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Rotarians and Schools

Friday, February 28th, 2020

I am grateful to Peter and the Washington Rotarians for the huge project they have here in Copan. They support over 30 rural schools by providing the kids with uniforms, school supplies and backpacks. They also provide a medical plan, free reading books and assistance to the students that might have an urgent need …….by accessing their local co-ordinatior here in Copan.

Karen and I had arranged and supplied the funds for this group to take on Carizalito this year. I was thrilled that we were able to participate in the delivery day to Carizalito. It was a very special day for these kids.

First there was the unloading of the trucks……. filled with bins holding uniforms and the school supplies.

The kids were fitted for uniforms

Next, the kids went to the school supply station to be given their back pack filled with school supplies. The process was well orchestrated. The volunteers with the help of the local Rotary club knew exactly what needed to happen to herd these kids through the process.

Yay….. Three students will go to 7th grade this year in Santa Rita….. the first in this community to go past 6th grade. Again, it is through the Rotary club’s program that we can provide the funds for this to happen.

Back to the classroom for a Trail Mix snack

Farewell Carizalito till later this year


Friday, February 28th, 2020

I saw this photo and thought their mini library could use more books.

The kids loved the flash cards and testing the adults.

And were even more thrilled with the soccer balls.


Friday, February 28th, 2020

At the moment we couldn’t even fit into the room to give out Valentine chocolate.

First we bought cement and rebar to haul with us to Titoror.

A view of the village as we approached.

The school site…….. and discussions with the albanil (foreman).

There will soon be a school building here. Dry season only lasts for another month and a half so they hope to have the building done by then.


Tuesday, February 20th, 2018

Thank you to Saul from Plan International who graciously provided transportation so I could travel to La Entrada and Cuchilla Zappa. We met Manuel and Jenny from CPI (Canadian Peacemakers International) in La Entrada, then spent the day at Cuchilla Zappa helping to set up the computers for the beginning of the school year on Monday.

The Grade 7,8,9 self learning computer program started 5 years ago with us providing the computers. Canadian Peacemakers partnering with Plan International supervise and monitor the program. Until this year there was no funding for the facilitator but with the change of the mayor this past November, we believe that the facilitator will be paid for by the municipality. That is a major step and will have a huge impact on the program. Until now, the cost (kids had to cover the cost of the facilitator) was a barrier to so many families who could not afford their children attending.

First we discussed the program and any glitches with the Principal of the school, the teacher, Manuel from CPI, and Saul from Plan International. Two of the community leaders were there also.

How many people does it take to hook up one computer?

Ah hah! That is where the cords were


Tuesday, February 20th, 2018

I have appreciated my affiliation with Plan International over the years. They graciously offer me transportation to the projects we have supported, and partner with CPI in monitoring the computer projects in the three areas I have been involved in.

This is Saul who is a long time friend and has been a liaison for me with Plan Int. He has worked with Plan for 7 years but has a long history of working for NGO’s in this area of Honduras. He is responsible for the sponsored kids through Plan. There are 700 or so sponsored children through this branch of Plan. Here he is loading 475 “kits” of school supplies to be distributed next week to kids in 20 communities in this area of Plans territory.