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The last two days of the March trip

Saturday, March 27th, 2010

I made good use of the last two days I was in Copan. Telma created a beautiful chocolate brownie cake for me to take to the World Vision office with our thanks for their help setting up and working at the eye clinics at Aqua Caliente.

The sign for the now finished El Malcote school was presented to Exely at the World Vision office. There was not enough time for me to go to the community on this trip so World Vision will take the sign to present to the Malcote area leaders and have it installed at the new classroom that A Better World supporters funded.

In turn, Exely (the director of the World Vision office in Copan) came to the hotel to give each of the Optometry Docs a small gift of appreciation for their coming to Copan and the community of Aqua Caliente. Telma had a cake for that occasion also and toasts were made to a productive and fun week in Copan.

A visit to the Hogar Angelitos Felices

Saturday, March 27th, 2010

The t-shirts that were so graciously donated by the Public Health Nurses at the Johnstone Crossing Community Health Centre and Terry and Marlene Capton were distributed to the children at the Hogar Angelitos Felices (Home of Happy Angels) in Copan.  It’s a little like Christmas and each piece of clothing is enthusiastically examined before the children are given at least one of them.

We brought basic food supplies, cookies for the children and some plastic balls for play after the gifts of new clothes were given out.   A Better World donations continue to supply clean bottled water to the kids home.

It’s all about Vision

Friday, March 26th, 2010

Choosing the right glasses

This week has been a great adventure for me and a little like a dream come true.

I can’t find the words to express the quality of the Amigo’s group. The personalities, enthusiasm, professionalism, organization and caring of these young people were nothing less than remarkable. They came to share their skills, time and resources with those less fortunate here in Honduras. SUCH VISION!

The group arrived on Sunday with bins of equipment, glasses and tons of energy.

Daniel (our driver and guide for the week) waited with me as I paced and worried that they would get through the immigration process without any problems. They did and we were soon on the road for the 3 hour drive to Copan.

Clinics were held for 2 days at Aqua Caliente where we saw over 200 people. The clinic process included distance and near vision:

Brad giving an eye exam in Agua Caliente

Brad giving an eye exam in Agua Caliente

AND- exams to establish health of the eye

And then our patients were given appropriate medications and fitted with eye glasses if they needed them.

At the end of the second day- two of the town leaders came to express their gratitude for the “help” and “caring”.

The last two days were at La Estanzuela where we experienced quite a different community. There were fewer patients (around 100), and the people seemed more timid.

And- we held an informal clinic in Telma’s kitchen

I want to acknowledge all the people that made this happen. It was truly a team effort.


Jamie working with one of our patients

Mini eye-clinic in the hotel

Mini eye-clinic in the hotel

The AMIGO’s group from Pacific University:

  • Dr. Eleanor Becher
  • Meg (the team lead)
  • Omar
  • Brad
  • Al
  • Steve
  • Jamie
  • Crystal
  • Caroline
Checking Joel and Brayan’s eyes

Checking Joel and Brayan’s eyes

New toothbrushes

New toothbrushes

The Volunteers and translators:

  • Ellen
  • Harriet
  • Robert
  • Anne

The Grade 8 and 9 students of the Mayatan school

A Better World for the support that they offer me

Barry for being such a good sport and support and staying home to mind the fort

Daniel Our driver, translator, organizer and friend

Telma Our hostess, money changer and resource person

WORLD VISION (especially Saul and Elvin) for organizing sites and their help with the clinics)

We had the opportunity to use these venues to do some dental health education with the children and give out toothbrushes to the children (donated by a dental hygienist in Alberta)

I think and hope that we have had an impact on many lives over these last 4 days.