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Monday, March 27th, 2017

Across the flatland past a huge Tilapia farm. Then into the hills and the roads got worse……… hmmmmm I think it was a road even though it looked more like a cow path. Good thing we had 4 wheel drive. Our first clue of what was to come was when OSCAR got out to change to 4 wheel drive.

We arrived to an excited classroom of students sheltered by their new roof. Each student had brought a flower from their home to present to Karen and I.

And then we were treated with the most special of lunch’s ….chicken soup with vegetables and rice and of course, tortillas and Coke.

Karen and I with OSCAR, the Education director for the area.

Telma….. my friend and fund administrator here in Copan was able to join us.

MY FIRST DAY IN COPAN (March 20/2017)

Wednesday, March 22nd, 2017

This is always a planning day for me. I now have a list and just need to plug in the visits into the days I have here……then arrange transportation. The El Chorreron School where we bought materials for a roof sounds like an amazing community. Telma attended the celebration for the new roof and seemed very impressed. She says the parents and teacher are a very organized and involved in the school. It sounds like a good community to invest in so I plan on visiting.

This is the mug they made me and gave Telma to give to me when I visited Copan again. It has photos of before and after the new roof on it. As always I am humbled by the gratitude of a community when I really did so little.

These children will no longer be rained on inside their classroom