Rotarians and Schools

I am grateful to Peter and the Washington Rotarians for the huge project they have here in Copan. They support over 30 rural schools by providing the kids with uniforms, school supplies and backpacks. They also provide a medical plan, free reading books and assistance to the students that might have an urgent need …….by accessing their local co-ordinatior here in Copan.

Karen and I had arranged and supplied the funds for this group to take on Carizalito this year. I was thrilled that we were able to participate in the delivery day to Carizalito. It was a very special day for these kids.

First there was the unloading of the trucks……. filled with bins holding uniforms and the school supplies.

The kids were fitted for uniforms

Next, the kids went to the school supply station to be given their back pack filled with school supplies. The process was well orchestrated. The volunteers with the help of the local Rotary club knew exactly what needed to happen to herd these kids through the process.

Yay….. Three students will go to 7th grade this year in Santa Rita….. the first in this community to go past 6th grade. Again, it is through the Rotary club’s program that we can provide the funds for this to happen.

Back to the classroom for a Trail Mix snack

Farewell Carizalito till later this year

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