In its setting of pine trees and coffee plants, Carizalito is the one school that we continue to visit when are in Copan. It is a Chorti community……very poor with little value placed on education. Most of the families need the children to work to help support the family. In the spirit of Nelson Mandela’s words “Education es el areas mas poderamos con la cual podemos cambiar al Mundo” (Education is the weapon most powerful with which we can change the world), we have provided incentives to have the kids attend school. It is pretty much unheard of for a student to continue past 6th grade. 2018 will be the first year we offer a scholarship for a student to attend Grade 7 in a community about 4 kms away. We will wait and see if the student accepts the opportunity.

The road to Carizalito

Always a fun visit. There is a game and snack and it is just enjoyable to “hang out “ for awhile and play with the kids.

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