January 26, 2012

┬áThere has to be a better and more cost effective way of providing some manner of health care in these rural communities. Arranging to bring a child who is acutely ill an hour into Copan with transport costing 20-25$ because they don’t have a supply of asthma drugs is totally inefficient. In an attempt to circumvent some of the “bandaid” type care that seems to happen, I am funding a Doc to spend the day in San Jose with me and start files on the more needy cases. She will keep a copy of the record and we will give one to the family. At least, that way, if the patient needs to seek care again, they have some medical history. The other thing I will ask her help with is feedback on my TB surveillance proposal. It is worth a try and may have the potential of providing some continuity of care for some. I’m astounded by whole communities where diabetics just eventually die from lack of treatment and knowledge, tuberculosis spreads and kills, asthma is prevalent and often untreated….and on and on.

On the upside…..this was my first glimpse of the new San Jose school. Congratulations to Maria and all the rest who have made this possible. I am so excited to have Maria see this.

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