January 24, 2012

The CARRISALITO school is done! I just got back from viewing the completed project and meeting with the teacher. Now that the school is done, it’s looking pretty empty with the few well worn desks that they have. I had Reina Isabelle (the teacher) make me a list of what they could use. We decided on tables and benches for the students, one cupboard to store books and a whiteboard. I will get estimates on the cost later today.


Reina Isabelle making a wish list

Reina Isabelle making a wish list

As I sit here at the Llama del Bosque, I am reflecting on what we have accomplished here in Honduras in the past couple of years… 4 schools, a chicken project, a micro loan for a pulperia, a new school roof, bathrooms and pila for a school, 4 students finished Grade 7, and 2 micro loans.

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    Quote whatever you like. I’d be interested in knowing what attracted you to the blog. I write it but never think about people, other than those directly related, being interested in it. Carol B.

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