Brayan’s story continued

Robert Kern and I have been facilitating Brayan’s schooling and appropriate living situations since this little boy was 5. He is now 13 and is able to make his own choices. When given the options, Brayan chose to attend the Amigos school here in Copan and we were able to locate a host family for him to be with. He seems so settled and happy this time… I think we have found a good combination of school and home for him. When school is done next month, he will go back to the little community in the hills to be with his mother and sisters for their three month vacation.


Brayan is a gentle, energetic, generous young person. He has had quite the life shuffled between parents and an orphanage, between schools and living situations. What some of these kids overcome and come out of smiling is quite amazing and it has been a privilege to be part of Brayan’s life.

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