We are organized…

to visit all 4 of our projects in this area

Oscar, the Director of Education and I met this morning to discuss two projects:

  1. the building of a school in Vega Grande.
  2. the re-opening of the school in Carrizalito.

We have a day of school visiting on Thursday. We will visit Carrizalito which is probably the favorite of my schools that we built (this community has had such a tough time with terrorism and poverty). My plan is to start a small incentive program for the students who are punctual and have good attendance. The first incentive will be footwear… most of these kids go barefoot. Last time I was there I noticed significant signs of parasites in the kids… maybe anti-parasitics for all. I will also speak to the Director of Casita Copan to see where they get vitamins for their kids and that may be a possibility for these kids also.

Carol and Oscar

Carol and Oscar

The second area we will visit on Thursday is Vega Grande. We will meet with the parents and community leaders to discuss the construction of the school that A Better World will supply the materials for. All the labor to build the school will be done by the local people. There will be some logistical problems with the school in Vega Grande… the main one is getting the materials up to the site. There is no road… so the last KM or so is across rickety bridges and up a path on a hillside. The materials, sand and blocks will all have to be carried.

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  1. Dwight Moodie Says:

    In view of the weight of concrete materials, has the community considered alternate materials? Our church roof is very large, a palapa with palma real which is more durable and withstood the earthquake, is quiet during the rain storms, and often locally available. we used barcino posts and bamboo slats for the palma real, There are no sides on our church although it is within a walled compound. It will be a considerable challenge to build a regular brick classroom with rebar supported columns etc. One thought would be to have a small room of brick for storage of teaching supplies. In southern Mexico we have seen structures built of woven flat slats which allowed airflow to reduce mildew risk.
    We love the work you are doing and the challenges that you confront.
    Lou and Wynn

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