September 2012 – Books for the new daycare

The orphanage in Copan has long been the concern of locals and foreigners alike. There were many concerns over the lack of physical care for the children and for sure, the lack of any play or socializing or quality care.
Emily has, with a board of local Copanecas investigated possible solutions and decided to start a Day Care which will remove 9 of the kids from the local orphanage where the care is so poor, the surroundings filthy dirty, the food sub standard and the water not clean.
She, with qualified staff will provide clean food and water, quality programming and attentive care for children of working moms for a minimal fee.

I think it is a wonderful endeavor and wanting to support it in some way have arranged to have A Better World donate tables and chairs for the day care. I have also donated some of the reading books that Hernan Nieto and I work together to send down to Honduras.



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