June 7th, 2009

Doña Delsy and Heidi

Doña Delsy and Heidi

I met the latest little person at the orphanage. This is Heidi. She came to the orphanage about two months ago at 8 months of age and was only about 6 kgs. She had multiple health problems initially and was hospitalized with pneumonia and apparently had an unusually large infestation of parasites. Poor tyke survived and is now gaining weight and loves to stand with help and is learning to give “besos” (kisses).

Dona Delsy (the director of the “hogar”) and I had a good visit and she described some of the multitude of needs at the home. She asked if we could help with providing some food- beans, corn flour and maybe some eggs and sugar, as well as helping to purchase formula for Heidi. The t-shirts that our health unit nurses donated will be distributed at the home tomorrow.

I was fortunate to have the opportunity to visit with one of the teachers at the public school here in Copan. She was thrilled with the materials that I had for the hand washing education and invited me to spend the morning on Tuesday presenting to a number of the classes.

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