It rains and rains and rains and rains

Now I know what it means to be here in the middle of rainy season!

I am so frustrated with cars breaking so we can’t go to the communities, with roads and rivers flooding and today with the five hour drive that accomplished nothing. We went to visit the children that needed eye surgery and the one girl was not the one with cataracts and her vision was fine…..and the other house we couldn’t get to because it was pouring rain and the long hill we would have to walk up was as slippery as ice.

I did stop at El Malcote (our first classroom) for a quick hello to the kids and teachers.

I’ve prepared for a trip with Ellen tomorrow. I’ve bought little stools for a kinder that needs furniture, and made up little bags of trail mix for the kids. Hope that trip goes a lot better than the one today.

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