February 1, 2012 – The Chicken Project May Be Moving

I’m all meeting’d out. Last night Telma’s daughter Belssy and her husband asked to meet with me about a new little barrio on the edge of Copan. 11 families of single moms with plastic houses, no water or latrines. I’ve asked for more information and will consider a proposal at some point to help this little community.


This is a gathering of chicken interested people……Chely the World Vision director, Adin from El Chilar (the instigator of the chicken project) and Trinidad (the leader of Los Arcos community). After much discussion Adin and I think it may be a good idea to move the chicken project to another community where the people would be willing to become involved. We have identified the things we would change to make the project sustainable. The first step will be to ask Bryan Butler to travel out to this community to share information about the viability of this venture, info about feeding etc.

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