Feb 19th 2011

Third day here today. The first days involved planning the next week and discussing the El Chilar projects.I’ve arranged for “us” to do the chicken pick up on Tuesday. “Us” involves 10 kids from the school, the teacher, the driver and myself picking up 25 chickens, chicken feed, feeders and waterers in one truck.

We were a United Nations of a truckload that went to El Chilar on Friday. Robert and Sam from New Zealand, Celeste (a nurse practitioner from Florida, Debbie ( a paramedic from Ontatio), Ellen and me. The first stop was to deliver tables and benches to one school on the way to El Chilar. At Chilar, we met a number of the people that worked on the chicken granja, and a number of our students who are attending the new Seventh grade class. But, there was sad news……the one girl who is registered in Seventh Grade (Paula) had had her father die the day before. This is a picture of the entire school trekking up the hill to pay our respects to the family……in their very humble house, with the dead body that they reverently unwrapped for our viewing.

URGENTLY NEEDED! The one semi built outhouse and the pila are disgusting and inadequate. There has to be a new pila and latrine built. I plan to make arrangements for them before I leave.

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