April 3, 2012

These two days are dedicated to working with Bryan Butler and utilizing his expertise in sustainable small agriculture projects and in computer based learning. Team “A Better World” today consisted of Bryan, Christiane, Saul (from Plan International) and Chely (the director from World Vision) and myself.

Today we were in Los Arcos……a two hour drive on some of the worst roads the world has to offer.

3 best things about the day

  • the incredible scenery
  • the ideas Bryan shared with the community
  • the great company

3 worst things

  • the roads
  • the roads
  • the roads


Oh yes there was another “worst thing”. The roof on the classroom we built in Los Arcos was destroyed by a storm last month. The community’s working on a plan for a roof that won’t blow off……and will be planting fast growing trees as a wind break

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