A great day

In the country…….north of Copan. Ellen, her assistant Marel, Aden, and I visited a couple of communities/schools today.

The day was such fun, the roads were not. These communities are so poor that any small thing is received with incredible gratitude and enthusiasm. We gave out bags of trail mix and Ellen gave each child one marble (they were so excited)!

This is where the chicken house would go

Aden, the teacher at the school, is a remarkable man. My best description of him is that he is visionary. In conversation with him he said he was raised in a family as poor as the ones we were visiting. He has a plan…….three goals. We discussed them in the park……to start a Grade 7 class in El Chilar, to integrate a chicken raising component and to have an incentive program for the kids to participate. In Honduras the government supports education up to 6th grade so the kids in these rural communities have no access to schools or the money to attend if they did. I’m really interested in taking this on as a project for A Better World.

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