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How to choose?

Friday, October 1st, 2010

Red Cross

How am I going to be able to choose one project? In two days of meeting with World Vision, the Red Cross and Ellen I have heard a litany of needs. What is needed most…..a clinic for a community that is two hours by car and two hours by horseback away from here, a classroom for a school where the kids are ankle deep in mud (inside) when it rains, a chicken raising project for a school where the teacher is keen to help the starving kids, or eye surgery for several kids who have no vision.

I will continue gathering information and thinking…..and thinking……about what is next.

I am so disappointed. It is impossible to get up to Los Arcos this week to deliver the sign and a celebration with the community on the completion of the new classroom. I’ll once again have to let World Vision take the sign when the roads are passable.